3 Top-Ranked Crypto Exchanges With Lowest Bitcoin Prices

Compare best Bitcoin exchanges in terms of trade volume, fees and market capitalization, etc.


  • The trading fee of Binance is lowest, ranging from 0.1 to 0.2%.

  • Binance is operating in more than 190 countries.

  • Use BNB to get a discount of 25% on transaction fees


  • The trading fee of Huobi ranges between 0.1 to 0.4%.

  • Huobi supports credit/debit card transactions along with SEPA purchases.

  • Available in more than 130 countries


  • The trading fees of Kraken range between 0.1 to 0.4%.

  • Kraken is operating in over 190 nations.

  • Buy Bitcoin with SEPA purchases and your credit/debit card.

Zhanpeing Zhao is the brain behind Binance; he launched today one of the world's largest crypto exchanges in 2017. It has a leading name on a global scale with high trading volume. It is a safe & secure platform to buy Bitcoin. It also offers the added feature of a crypto wallet where you can safely store your digital assets. The daily trade volume of Finance is 10 to 12 billion, and 12 million daily users each day.

Binance supports over 120 digital currencies. The native token of Binance known as BNB has surged from $1.52 to $15 with a return of 16000%.

  • The trading fees of Binance is low between 0.1 to 0.2%.

  • You'll get a 25% discount for using the BNB token.

  • It supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, over 180+.

  • Binance is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with over 20 million users.

  • The daily trade of Finance is 10 to 12 billion.

  • Binance holds 320,000 BTC.

  • Binance supports staking rewards from up to 23 digital currencies.

  • There are special rewards for NEO holders.

  • You can buy Bitcoin using your credit/debit card.

  • SAFU funds act as safety insurance in scenarios of hacking.

  • The process of Binance is incredible, 1.4 million orders in just one second.

  • Binance doesn't have a long success story to tell.

  • The exchange was one once hacked, Bitcoin $40 million was stolen.

Leon Lin, a certified engineer of the oracle, established Huobi Global in China in 2013. In the year 2014, the company accomplished its biggest milestone by drawing investments from top investors such as Sequoia Capital. The company has partnered with subsidiary countries in over 12 countries with an employee strength of 1300.


In 2017, Huobi moved its headquarters to Singapore, with China tightening the screws on crypto exchanges operating in the country. As per the recent company data, Huobi has 5 million users, with 2 to 5 billion traders per day. The Huobi Token price has surged from $1.52 to $4.

  • There are 2 to 5 billion trades per day.

  • Huobi crypto platform has 5 million users.

  • High liquidity & best prices.

  • Compatible with most devices.

  • Huobi both margin funding & trading.

  • Excellent customer support in two

  • Huobi charges a trading volume of 0.2% for all digital assets.

  • There is an 8% charge on credit/debit card Bitcoin buy

  • Huobi doesn’t support wire transfer.

  • It has a daily withdrawal cap of $2,000, while $10,000 monthly.

The development process of Kraken commenced in the year 2011, and the exchange was officially launched in 2013. During the initial days, Kraken supported Euro, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, and then later kept on adding cryptocurrencies as time passed. Kraken secured a mega-investment of $5 million from Hummingbird Ventures in 2014, and other top investors including Bitcoin Opportunity Fund.


Kraken is presently imperative in over 180 countries in more than five continents. It supports a margin trading with 5* leverage. With over 2.2 million active users, you can trade in about ten cryptocurrencies, and direct trading in pairs.

  • Kraken provides high trading volume and liquidity.

  • Kraken supports margin trading.

  • The daily trade volume of Kraken ranges from 100 to 300 million.

  • It supports five fiat currencies.

  • It has 30 trading pairs.

  • Fund processing takes 1 to 5 days.

  • SWIFT, SEPA, and wire transfer.

  • You can earn staking rewards.

  • Safe & secure Bitcoin exchange.

  • There is no withdrawal cap.

  • It supports 34 digital currencies.

  • Only a few trading volumes.

  • The process of KYC is lengthy and complicated.

  • The customer support isn’t reliable.

  • The trading fees are relatively high.

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​Understanding Bitcoins

Are you interested in investing in Bitcoin? Bitcoin was the first digital currency launched in the year 2009, based on Blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto is known to be the brain behind Bitcoin; he was first to introduce the concept of decentralized currency. In 2020, Bitcoin is the biggest currency in terms of market capitalization. You can buy Bitcoin using your fiat currency. The currency exists in digital form, and not governed by the central authority.


The Bitcoin Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network that validates the transaction. Wherever the user buys Bitcoin, the network receives the network request, and a block containing the information is created. The Bitcoins are created with the use of Bitcoin mining.

  • It is a first-ever cryptocurrency launched in 2009.

  • There are only 21 million Bitcoins to mine.

  • No one owns the Bitcoin Blockchain.

  • The total worth of Bitcoin is around $100 billion.

  • Earn Bitcoins by mining

  • The price volatility of Bitcoin is high.

  • Computer hardware can be used to mine Bitcoins.

  • Bitcoin is open-source downloadable by anyone.


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The Money System

In a conventional money system, the central authority, bank, or any other authority is responsible for administering each transaction. In the money system, there are intermediaries involved where you are sending or receiving money. They confirm the transaction, and this process takes time five to seven days.

Operation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network powered by the technology of Bitcoin. There are no intermediates to complete the transaction. Each transaction is verified and validated by the computers in the decentralized network. The transaction is fast, as it takes not more than a couple of minutes or hours for the transaction to be done. It is easy to trace transactions. And, the exciting part, Bitcoin won’t go beyond 21 million, and cannot be printed or issued.


Cryptocurrency Risks

Price Variability

Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in terms of pricing. They go sky-rocketing one day and have a free fall the next day. The variation in pricing is because of market sentiment. So, we can say investing in any digital currency is somewhat risky, as there are chances you might end up losing a significant chunk of your investment because of the price drop. Also, there are no records for virtual currencies for investors to determine whether the levels of volatility are atypical or typical.

Scams Run High

Hackers and scammers out there are phishing for an ocean of opportunities in the crypto world. It has been estimated that till now cryptocurrencies worth $70 million have been stolen from various cryptocurrency exchanges & users over the past decade. When a professional hacker gets access to the account credentials of the user, they tend to wipe out the funds in a fraction of a second. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you store all your account log-in details in a secured, offline device.

High Transaction Fees

There are some crypto exchanges that charge explosively high when buying/selling cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do comprehensive research work to decide on the right exchange, which has low transaction fees and is reliable too.


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